Real solutions do not come from political gimmicks or gamesmanship. They come from people who care about their community sitting around the table, sharing ideas, agreeing on common purpose, and being willing to work across party lines to improve life here in Connecticut. We know our communities have seen hard times, and so CT House Democrats are putting forward 31 policy solutions that build on the accomplishments we have already put into law to rebuild our economy to put CT’s middle class first.

This document is a compilation of policy goals that have been adapted and adopted from people and advocates across the political spectrum. House Democrats are committed to convening all stakeholders and policy experts to find innovative solutions that solve the problems CT families are discussing around the kitchen table.

Creating Family-Sustaining Jobs

On The Side of Working People

Broad-Based Reform to Lower Property Taxes and Bring Predictability to CT’s Finances

Supporting our local Businesses

Making Our Communities Healthy, Sustainable, and Affordable

Ensuring Our Government is Responsive, Transparent, and Accountable


Investing in Connecticut's Future (pdf)